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1. The Systematic Analysis And Study On Improving The Competitiveability Of Tennis Women's Doubles In China
2. Thinking Activity Of Anticipation In Table Tennis Reception
3. The Basic Theories And Practice On Developing Chinese Table Tennis Market
4. Game Theoretic Analyses Of The Tactics In Table Tennis Matches
5. Study Of Chinese Outstanding Children Table Tennis Athletes' Special Physical Fitness Level And Evaluation & Diagnosis
6. A Study On The Value Innovation Strategy Of Willow Tennis Center
7. The Effect Of Balance Training On Table Tennis Athletes
8. On The Sustainable Development Of Competitive Tennis In China
9. The Research On The Tactics Of Tennis
10. The Kinematics And Electromyography Analysis And Rehabilitation Research On Table Tennis Athletes With Scapular Muscle Imbalance
11. The Research On Diagnosis And Evaluation Of Skills And Tactics Of Table Tennis Matches Based On Artificial Intelligence
12. Biomechanic Research For Four Kinds Of Tennis Serve In Our High Level Tennis Players
13. The Research Of The Vibration Training Influenced Upon Tennis Players' Exercise Capacity Of Upper Limbs
14. Exploration Into The Chinese Table Tennis Professional Managemet Svstem
15. Tabe Tenis Super Management Research On The Institutional Environment Of Table Tennis Super League Management In China During The Period Of Social Transformation
16. On The Aesthetic Characteristics Of The Table Tennis Technology
17. Tennis Forehand Break, Loop Biomechanics Research And Footwork Pad Test System Developed And Experimental
18. Researches Into The Fostering Mechanisms For Chinese Tennis Players Under A Theoretical Angle Of View Of An Interests-relater
19. The Influence Of Long-term And Systematic Training On Physical And Mental Development Of Table Tennis Players In Their Spurt During Puberty
20. Research On The Present Situation And Strategies Of Consumption Of Tennis Ball In Chengdu
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