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1. Research Of College Students Life Education
2. Discussion On Problem Students' Education Of Hope
3. Research On Life Education To University Students
4. The Research And Intervention On The Meaning Of Life Of Middle School Students From Disaster Areas After The Earthquake
5. The Meaning Of Life
6. The Related Research Of University Students’ Physical Exercise And Life Satisfaction, A Sense Of The Meaning Of Life
7. Education Is Always Have A Life Form
8. Application Of Existentialism To Explore The Meaning Of Life Of University Student Volunteers
9. Secret Worries And Transcendence Of The Meaning Of Life About Pupils
10. Research On The Highlight-the-Meaning-of-Life Oriented Teaching Strategy Of Chinese Ancient Poems In The Stage Of Primary School
11. Relationship Among Self-concept, The Meaning Of Life And Psychological Reactance Of Middle School Students
12. Reshaping The Meaning Of Life:An Intervention Study Of Life Review In Relieving The Fear Of Death In Cancer Patients
13. Constructing The Meaning Of Life
14. Research On The Relationship Among Middle School Students' Physical Exercise,Ego-identity And Meaning In Life
15. The Relations Of College Students' Boredom Tendency And Time Management Disposition
16. The Meaning Of Life Moderates The Relationship Between Connectedness To Nature And Prosocial Behavior In College Students
17. The Characteristics And Influence Mechanism Of The Meaning Of Life Of College Students
18. Research On The EML Horticulture Group Model To Enhance The Meaning Of Life Of College Students
19. Study On The Influence Of Interpersonal Relationship On The Meaning Of Life Of Rural Junior Middle School Students And Its Intervention
20. A Study On The Mechanism Of Homework Behavior On The Meaning Of Life Of Junior High School Students
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