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1. Study About Application Of Ressure Trains To Technique And Tactic In Tennis Professional Course
2. Research On Enhancement Strategy Of The Teaching Language In The Ideological And Political Course
3. The Effect Of Teaching Methods Upon High School Students' Physics Scores With Different Cognitive Style
4. A Study On The Effect Of Teaching Practice On The Teachers' Profession Concept Of The Normal University Students
5. The Effect Of Teaching Coherence On High School Students' English Writing
6. A Study On The Effect Of "Teaching Blank" On The Improvement Of Students' Learning Ability In Senior High School Ideological And Political Course
7. Problems And Countermeasures Of Teacher 's Network Resource Sharing Course: A Case Study Of "Information Technology And Curriculum Integration"
8. Research Of The Effect Of Teaching On "Ahead Of Apparatus" Throw Direct Force Of The Hip Extensor Resistance Exercise
9. Research On The Effect Of Teaching Transformation Under The Influence Of Educational Journals In Late Qing And Early Republican China (1901-1922)
10. Analysising The Effect Of Teaching Model Of Activities Plan Learning On Biology
11. On The Effect Of Teaching Through Integrating Reading With Writing On Rural High School Students' English Writing Ability
12. Study On The Effect Of Teaching Method Of ‘Stratification-Cooperation' In Tennis Specialized Course Of Nanjing Institute Of Physical Education
13. The effect of teaching metacognitive learning skills on the performance of online learners demonstrating different levels of self -regulated learning
14. The effect of teaching experience on service-learning beliefs of dental hygiene educators
15. The effect of teaching a pro -social skills curriculum on student behavior
16. The effect of teaching a physical activity class emphasizing knowledge-based instruction versus teaching a physical activity class emphasizing physical activity on the body esteem of college women
17. The effect of teaching upon the biology content cognitive structure of teachers
18. The Effect Of Teaching Presence On Learner Satisfaction In Blended Courses
19. Study On The Effect Of Teaching Intervention On Basic Motor Skills Of 3-6 Years Old Children
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