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1. A Study On Educational Quality Assurance System Of MAE
2. The Analysis Of The Influential Factors To The Teachers' Professional Development And The Research Of The Correlative Countermeasures In Our Country
3. Research On The Characteristics Of The Middle School Students' Sports Attitude And Sports Habits And The Influential Factors
4. Reemployment Of The Unemployed And Its Influential Factors
5. The Influential Factors And Strategies For The Latest Curriculum Implementation In Rural Schools
6. An Analysis Of The Leisure Sport Behavior And The Influential Factors To The 35-55 Years Old Professional Female In Changsha
7. A Study On Gender Differences Of Urban Residents' Way Of Leisure And The Influential Factors
8. The Influential Factors Of The Implementation Of New English Curriculum In Rural Junior Schools
9. Analysis To The Tendency Of Addiction To Internet In Senior High School Students And Its Influential Factors
10. Primary Study On The Influential Factors Of Implementation Of Education For Sustainable Development In Middle School Biology Curriculum
11. The Developmental Traits And The Influential Factors Of Social Skills In Impoverished Undergraduate
12. Investigation And Analysis On The Influential Factors Of The White-collar's Bearing And Rearing Desire
13. A Study On Undergraduates' Political Behavior And The Influential Factors
14. Investigation Research On The Influential Factors Of Teaching Quality In Gymnastics Compulsory Course Of P.E Specialty Curriculum In Normal Institutions In Sichuan Province
15. On The Influential Factors And The Improving Strategies Of The Cultural Construction In The Middle School Campus
16. A Research On Occupational Burnout Status Of Middle School Teachers In Jianshi And The Influential Factors Within Schools
17. Countermeasure Study On The Influential Factors In Developing Soccer Classes In Universities
18. The Exploring Of The Influential Factors On University Teacher Organizational Commitment In Hunan Province
19. Study On The Influential Factors Of Development Of Chinese University Education Foundation
20. A Survey Research Of The Influential Factors Of Sanxi Migration' Social Communication
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