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1. Evidence - Based Study On The Training Mode Of Acupuncture And Massage Professional Ability Talents In Higher Chinese Medicine
2. A Study On The Policy Support System For The Training Of Teachers In Primary And Middle Schools
3. Research On The Construction And Cultivation Of Young Students' Scientific And Technological Innovation Ability
4. The Study On The Primary School Pupil's Writing Ability
5. Functional Alteration Of Skeletal Muscle Sarcoplasmic Reticulum Ca~(2+) Transport In Rat After Progressively Time-increasing Swimming Training And Exhaustion--Possible Mechanism And Relationship With Blood Biochemical Parameters
6. Study Of Several Envirmental Factors On Their Mechanisms In Controling Skeletal Muscle Glycogen Biosynthesis
7. Research On The Theory System Of Physical Active Ability Training Of Chinese Top Men 100m Sprinters
8. The Study Of Training Content System Of Chinese High Level Long Jumpers
9. A Study On The Mechanisms Of Oxidative Stress And Hypoxic Acclimatization In Rats During Intermittent Hypoxic Training
10. The Effects Of Chronic Swimming Training On Aortic Structure, Endothelin-1 And Endothelin-1 Receptor In Aging Rats
11. On Pedagogy In In-service Teacher Training
12. A Tentative Analysis Of Cognitive,Metacognitive Strategies And Correspondent Trainings In Mathematical Problem Solving Of Primary School Students
13. Study Of Vocational Education And Training In Peasants's Non-agricultural Employment In Poverty Area
14. The Building Process And Training Design Of Football Player' Tactical Consciousness
15. A Research On Sport Healthcare System: Value Discussion And System Construction
16. Study On The Mechanism And The Intervention By Herbs Administration And Endurance Training Of Skeletal Muscle Glycogen Repletion After Exercise
17. Effects And Mechanisms Of Hypoxia Or Training On The Angiogenesis Of Capillary And Expressions Of VEGF And HIF-1a In The Skeletal Muscle Of Rats
18. Relations Research Between ACE Gene Polymorphism And Aerobic Endurance
19. Research On Periodical Characteristics Of Continuous Professional Training Among Excellent Weightlifting Athletes
20. The SpecialtyBuilding Marketadility Research Of Higher Vocational Technology Education
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