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181. A perception of parents, teachers, and community leaders regarding a school district's strategic plan as related to the use of assessment data
182. A reconsideration of child labor from the perspectives of multiple stakeholders in Mysore, India
183. Law, limits and lessons unbound: Perspectives from key stakeholders responding to transnational child sex tourism in a world without borders
184. Online persistence in community college distance education: Perceptions of major stakeholders
185. International-mindedness in an international school in Cairo, Egypt
186. Differences of opinion among major stakeholders of the North Montco Technical Career Center toward the center's current educational delivery systems, operational facilities, and program offerings
187. School Counselors Create Value for Campus Stakeholders
188. A study of the perceptions of stakeholders on the effectiveness of co-teaching in a special education classroom
189. The perspectives of education stakeholders on the barriers to school finance reform in Texas
190. Knowledge, identity, & professionalism: A grounded theory analysis of how urban career teachers navigate their professional lives
191. Stakeholders' Perceptions of Physical Education at a Selected Elementary School
192. Development of a reunion class for adult graduates of a low-income nutrition education program in Wyoming
193. Stakeholders' perceptions of children's mental health preparedness for bioterrorism attack
194. The Use of Concept Mapping/Pattern Matching to Determine the Content Domain for Information Literacy in Baccalaureate Education
195. Exploring the Perceptions of School District Stakeholders in Relationship to Professional Development Structures
196. University -industry relationships in Mongolia: An investigation of major stakeholders' perceptions
197. Overeducated? The Impact of Higher Education Expansion in Post-Transition Mongolia
198. An interpretive case study of stakeholders' perceptions on the enrollment and progression of African American students in high school foreign language courses
199. Establishing effective communication with external stakeholders: The impact of training
200. Assessing the Leadership and Management Skills of Senior VA Social Work Leaders by Internal Stakeholders
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