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181. Tianjin Elementary Student Learning Burnout Research Of Relationship Between Self-esteem And Education Countermeasures
182. College Students' Physique And Physical Self-esteem And Physical Exercise Adherence Of Related Research
183. Learn Healthy Birth And Poor Student Implicit Self-esteem Development Research And Enlightenment To Middle School Mental Health Education
184. Figure Rope Skipping Body Self-esteem Affect Study In Junior High School Students In Shanghai
185. Taekwondo Lesson Options For Ordinary College Students' Physical Quality And The Impact Of Physical Self-esteem
186. Moderate Intensity Under Different Duration Of Aerobics Exercise Of Female College Students' Body Self-esteem Affect Study
187. Taekwondo On The Students’ Self-esteem,Anxiety And Depression
188. The Relationships Between Implicit Self-esteem, Explicit Self-esteem And Alexithymia
189. The Influence Of The Self-esteem Levels Of College Students’ The Losing Weight Group On The Effect Of Losing Weight
190. A Study On The Influence Factors Of Middle School Students’ Violence
191. Relation Research Of Rural Middle School Teachers’ Violent Language, Students’ Self-esteem And Mental Health
192. Research And Intervention On Social Support And Self-esteem Of Female Drug Addicts
193. Research On The Relationship Among Parenting-style, Self-esteem And Moral Disengagement Of High School Students
194. The Relationship Of Defensive Pessimism In Social Situations, Self-esteem And Achievement Motivation Of College Student
195. The Study Of The Relation Among Undergraduate’s Self-forgiveness And Attribution,Self-esteem
196. To Study The Relations Of Self-esteem And Emotional Regulation On Rural Junior Middle School Students
197. The Research Of Conspicuous Consumption Of College Student
198. Morita Neurotic Personality And Self-esteem As Mediators Of The Perfectionism-Social Anxiety Relationship
199. Study On Death Attitudes And Its Relationship With Self-esteem And Meaning Of Life Among Undergraduate Students
200. Correlative Study On Graduate Students’ Self-esteem、Rejection Sensitive And Interpersonal Relationship
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