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21. Study On Operating Mechanism Of Problem-oriented Interdisciplinary Research Organization
22. The Research On The Structure Of Academic Organization System And Operation Mode Of British Research University
23. A Research On University Governance Structure From The Perspective Of University Academic Organization
24. Research On University Structure Of Academic Organization In View Of Disciplinary Development
25. Study On The Problems And Countermeasures Of Interdisciplinary Academic Organization Motivation Of University
26. The Research Of The Academic Organizations And The Structural Development Of The Universities In England
27. The Comparative Research Of Academic Organization Structure And The Distribution Of Authority And Responsibility
28. Study On The Internal Governance Structure Of The Basic Academic Organization Under The Modern University System
29. Analysis And Optimization Of Academic Ecological Environment Of Academic Organization
30. The Entrepreneurial Discipline Theory In Entrepreneurial Universities And The Countermeasures For Discipline Construction In Universities
31. Research On The Knowledge Management Of University Basic Level Academic Organization
32. The Construction Of Academic Institutions In Major Community
33. Research On Ecological Governance Of Grassroots Academic Organizations In Universities
34. Research On The Reform Of Basic Academic Organizations In Local Undergraduate Colleges And Universities In China
35. The Research On The Dynamic Mechanism Of The Evolution Of University Grassroots Academic Organizations
36. Research On Extensive Administration Of Academic Organizations In Newly-built Applied Undergraduate Colleges
37. The Creation And Rise Of The University Of Chicago (1891-1931)
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