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21. Research On The Evaluation Of Humanities And Social Scientific Achievements In Local Universities
22. Research On The Professionalization Of Administrative Staff In Local Universities
23. On Image-building Of Local Universities
24. Research On Direction Of Student Affairs Reform In Local University
25. A Study Of The Applied Undergraduates Cultivating In The Local University
26. On Empowerment Of Teachers In Local University
27. Research On The Establishment Of College Students' Science And Technology Innovation Team In Local University And The Its Cultivation And Development
28. Learning Difficulties On Local TV University Research
29. On Incentive Mechanism Of Local University Teachers A Case Study Of X University
30. Newly Graduate Employment Problems And Solutions
31. Study On Interior Monitoring System Building Of Teaching Quality In Local Universities
32. The Status And Strategy Of Training On Educational Technology For The Faculty In Local Universities
33. The Research Of China Local University's Financial Aid System To The Poverty-stricken Student
34. Research About Local University Management Mechanism Innovation Based On The Human Management
35. Policy Study On Local University Accountability
36. The Perfecting Of The Local University Teaching Management System At Both University Level And College Level
37. Study On Postgraduate's Training Mechanism Of University-industry-research Cooperation In Local Universities
38. Study On Practical Education System Of Local Engineering University
39. Study On The Problem Of Teacher's Salary In Local University
40. China's Less Developed Areas Of The Local University Technology Innovation Interface Study
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