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1. Research On Some Techniques For The Digital Receiver And The Corresponding System Implementation
2. Ultra-audio-frequency Series Reson-ant Type Induction Heating Power Supply Controlled By DSP
3. Wave Neural Networks Control And Application Based On Immune Algorithm
4. Research & Design Of Wireless Communication System Based On System On Programmable Chip
5. Design And Realization Of Multi-Service PDH Based On Single FPGA Chip
6. Design Of Digital Multiplexing System With Single Chip FPGA
7. Research And Design Of Signal Processing Method In CMF System
8. Research Of Atmosphere Laser Emergency Communication System
9. Research Of Wireless Communication System
10. Carrier Synchronize's Design And Implement Of WLAN
11. Study On Key Techniques Of Digital Up/Down Conversion And Digital Phase-Lock-Loop
12. Research And Implementation Of Network Synchronization Technology Of Field Communication Network
13. Study On Parallel And Switching Technique Of UPS
14. The Study Of Intermediate Frequency Power Supply Control Circuit Base On FPGA
15. Research And Realization Of Subway Train Communication Network
16. The Design And Realization Of High Precision DPLL In USB TT&C System
17. Research On Tracing Technology Of Phase And Frequency Based On FPGA
18. Research On Auto-Tracking Techniques In Satellite Communication
19. Supersonic-Frequency Induction Heating Power Research And Design Based On DSP
20. Design And Simulation Of All Digital Phase-Locked Loop Circuits Structure Based On Digital PI Regulation
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