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Keyword [Data Transmission]
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1. Efficient Data Transmission And Accurate Spatial Perception In RFID Systems
2. Research On High-efficient Data Transmission Techniques In Large-Scale Distributed Erasure-Coded Storage Systems
3. Research On Key Technologies Of Data Transmission In Mobile Sensor Networks For Collaborative Emergency Action
4. Research On Multi-Sensor Data Fusion And Data Transmission Of Multi-Sensor Gripper
5. Data Transmission Over Mobile Satellite Channels
6. Research On And Applications Of Adaptive Signal Detection Techniques For High Frequency Channels
7. Analyses Of Data Transmission And Technology Of Its EMC Based On Image Processing Equipment
8. Research On Trellis Coded Modulation Techniques In High Speed Data Transmission Systems And Their Applications
9. Research On Adaptive Data Transmission And Frequency Cognition For Hidden Communications
10. Research On Cross-Layer Optimization Model For Data Transmission In UWB Wireless Sensor Networks
11. Research On Techniques Of Data Transmission And Its Security In Wireless Sensor Networks
12. Research On Service Unit Based Network Architecture And Its Crucial Techniques
13. Research On Fault Tolerant Technologies Of Data Transmission And Delivery In Wireless Sensor Networks
14. Research On Reliable Data Delivery In Wireless Sensor Networks
15. Research On Key Technologies For Secure Data Transmission In Wireless Sensor Networks
16. Research On Satellite-Ground Station Data Transmission Scheduling Models And Algorithms
17. Research On Digital Signal Processing Techniques At Transmitter In High Speed Data Transmission System Of DRSS
18. Research On Techniques For Carrier Synchronization And Channel Equalization In Data Transmission System Of DRSS
19. Peer-to-Peer System Structures And Data Transmission Strategies: Design And Implementation
20. Research On Energy-saving Algorithm And Theory For Data Transmission And Query Processing In Wireless Sensor Networks
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