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Keyword [Embedded System]
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1. Research On Energy Efficient And Reliable Optimization Algorithms Of Embedded Real-time Systems
2. Research And Implementation Of Video Structured Description For Police Service
3. Research On Trusted Computing Hardware Security Mechanisms In Embedded Systems
4. Research On The Technologies Of High Speed Vision Measurement System
5. Study Of Multi Modal Biometric Fusion Method Under Non-contact Conditions
6. Key Technology Research Of Trusted Computing Environment For Embedded System
7. Study On Implementation And Security Analysis For Embedded Internet
8. Research On Techniques Of Hardware/Software Co-Synthesis And Virtual Microprocessor
9. Study On Image Classification, License Plate Recognition And Application On Embedded System Based On Support Vector Machines
10. Study On The Method Of Process Quality Monitoring And Embedded System In Low Vulume, Multi-Product Manufacturing
11. Model Based Object Extraction And Its Applications To ITS
12. Research Of Model-Based Traffic Flux Information Detection System
13. Research On Technologies Of Reconfigurable Multi-Mode Satellite Positioning Signal Processing
14. Research On Power Management For Embedded Operating System
15. Research On Related Theories And Application Of Embedded System In Electro-mechanical Monitoring And Control
16. Study On Transform Demodulation Theory Of Optical Fiber Fabry-Perot Sensor And Implementation Of Embedded System
17. Design And Realization Of Wide Automation Test System Based On Mobile Communication Platform
18. Research On Wireless Sensor Network And Its Applications
19. Research On Some Energy-Aware Techniques Of Flash Memory Storage System For Embedded Systems
20. Study On Embedded Reconfigurable Computing System And The Tasks Scheduling Algorithm
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