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Keyword [FPGA]
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1. Programmable Architecture Research Of Quantum Computing
2. Research On The Key Technologies Of Image Encryption Based On FPGA
3. Research And Applications Of FPGA-based Real-time Depth Estimation In 3D Video System
4. Research On Key Technologies Of Iterative Receiver At Low Signal-to-noise Ratios
5. Research On Placement And Routing Algorithms For Antifuse FPGA And CAD Software Development
6. Key Technologies In On-board Real-time Imaging Processing For Spaceborne SAR
7. Research On High Performance Application Layer Protocol Identification Method On FPGA
8. Research On Algorithm And Implementation Technology For Real-time Object Tracking Under Complex Environment
9. Research On High-speed Quantum Key Distribution System
10. The Research And Achievement On The Technology Of Image Real-time Deblurring
11. Study On The Technique Of Imaging With Dual-band SWIR Linear InGaAs Detector
12. Research On Iterative 3D Tomography Reconstruction And Feature Detection Based On Approximate Computing
13. Research On The Fast Matching Method For Remote Sensing Image Based On SoC Technology
14. Research On Digital Evolvable Hardware And Fault Tolerant Techniques
15. Research On Key Technologies Of High Level Synthesis On FPGA For Cryptographic Application
16. Research On FPGA Design And Key Circuit Radiation Reinforcement Method
17. The Study On Design Method Of Dynamic Reconfigurable Multi-DSP System In VXI-Bus Test Platform
18. Research On Real Time Pulse Train Deinterleaving For Radar Intercept System
19. Wideband High Sensitivity Digital Receiver
20. A New Wide-band Digital Receiver
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