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1. Effects Of The Linear Birefringence In ZF-7 Glass Upon The Output Performance Of Optical Current Sensors
2. Study On The Key Manufacturing Technology Of Liquid Crystal Display
3. Theoretical And Experimental Study Of Diode-pumped Intracavity-frequency Doubled Lasers
4. Diode-Pumped All-solid-state Single-longitudinal-mode Laser
5. Theoretical Study Of Effect Of Temperature Features Of Reflecting Medium Layer On Sensitivity Of Optical Current Transformers
6. Research On Orthoconjugate Reflector Current Sensor
7. Preliminary Study On Polarization Control In High Power Chemical Laser Resonator
8. Research On HiBi Fiber Sagnac Rings For Gain Flattening And Comb Light Sources
9. Researches On Polarization Controller With FPGA
10. The Research On Statistical Characteristics Of Polarization Mode Dispersion Based On Jones Transfer Matrix
11. Research On All-fiber-optic Polarization Pressure Sensor
12. The Research On PM-IFOG's Optical System Bias Stability
13. Holographic Video Display System Based On LCOS
14. Research And Analysis On Performance Of Fiber Optic Current Sensor
15. Research On All Fiber Velocity Measurement System
16. Research On Tunable Comb Filters Based On HiBi Fiber Sagnac Loops
17. The Research Of Adaptive Compensation Of The High-order Polarization Mode Dispersion In High-speed Optical Communication System
18. Research On Tunable Comb Filters Based On Hibi Fiber Sagnac Loops
19. A-of Htn Lcd Display Characteristics
20. The Ld End-pumped Nd: The Yvo <sub> 4 </ Sub> Laser
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