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1. Study On Key Techniques Of The Generating And Receiving Channel For GNSS Modernization
2. Study On The Linearization Of Radio Frequency Power Amplifier Based On Predistortion Technology
3. A Study Of The Color Controlling Techniques For Digital Color Printers
4. Study Of Visual Based Pedestrian Detection And Tracking Algorithm
5. Design And Verification Of Low Power And High Performance Graphics Controller
6. The Implementation Of FIR Digital Filter Using FPGA
7. The Design And Manufacture Of Counter Array Based On Dual-port RAM
8. Algorithm And Application Research Of Object-order Volume Rendering
9. Multi-View Face Detection And Demographic Classification
10. Research And Implementation Of Elliptic Curve Cryptography Algorithm
11. Rate Control For Video Coding Using A Low-Memory-Cost Look-Up Table
12. Multiple Instance Learning Based Adaboost Algorithm And Its Application In Face Detection
13. Research On Digital Chaos Encryption
14. Implementation Of TCM Design Based On FPGA
15. Research Of DCI Digital Cinema Packaging System
16. Design And Implement Of Digital FIR Filter For Gap Signal Of High Speed Maglev Vehicle
17. Research On Baseband Predistortion In OFDM System
18. Application Of FIR Digital Filter In Electromagnetic Nondestructive Testing System
19. The Design Of FIR Filter Based-on Distributed Arithmetic And Implementation By Using FPGA
20. A Study Of Color Controlling Techniques For Display
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