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1. Theory, Implementation And Application Of Distributed Message Queue
2. Research And Development Of Web-based Customer Support System
3. Application Research Of Message Middleware And MSMQ
4. The Study On Non-coupling Asynchronous Communication Technique With Its Application On Trobus
5. Patterns And A Rchitectures Basedon Message-oried Middceware
6. Research Of Integrating PDM And ERP Based On Message Queue Communication Middleware
7. The Design And Implementation Of The Short Message Platform Based On CMPP Protocol
8. The Design And Implementation Of A Distributed Shared Memory System
9. Research And Implementation Of Autonomous Heterogeneous Information Query System Based On Message Queue
10. Research And Implemention Of Distributed Real-Time InterProcess Communication In RTLinux
11. The Research Of The Middleware Technology In The Campus Intranet Based On Distributed Environment
12. Design And Implementation Of The Communication Midware For The Distributed System
13. The Research Of Asynchronous MOM Based On CORBA
14. A Lightweight GUI Design Of Embedded System
15. Design And Implementation Of The ZIS Of EMIF
16. The Research On Message Queue Middleware And Applied Design In Management And Decision System In Tobacco Industry Of State Tobacco Bureau
17. Application Research Of Middleware Technology In Iron And Steel Industry MES
18. Research Of Mobile Station Initial Access Technologies Based On GB15629.11
19. Concurrent Program Debugging Based On Replay
20. The Structural Design And Realization Of A Man-machine Interface Based On Embedded System
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