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Keyword [Networking]
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1. Research On Technologies Of Networking In Wireless Sensor Network For Structural Health Monitoring
2. Research On Friend Recommendation Algorithms On Social Networking Services
3. Research On Key Technologies Of Reliable Networking And Efficient Transmission
4. Study On Methods Of Synthetic Aperture Radar Deception Jamming
5. Research On Energy-Efficient Schemes In Information-Centric Networking
6. Research Of Access Network Virtualization Convergence Networking
7. Research On Issues Of Caching Thchnologies For Content-Centric Networking
8. Research On Key Technologies And Related Problems In Software-Defined Networks
9. Research On Smart Caching And Content Sharing For Mobile Networks
10. Research On The Key Technologies Of Function Composition Based On Atomic Capability
11. Research On Table Lookup In Content Centric Networking
12. Research On Network Protocol Testing Based On Extensions Of State Machines With Multiple Parallel Components
13. Optimizing Application-Oriented Bandwidth Allocation And Request Scheduling In Elastic Optical Networks
14. Design For Survivable Elastic Optical Networks
15. Research On Fast Name Lookup In Forwarding Plane Of NDN
16. Joint Optimization Of Resource Allocation And Scheduling For Cloud-based Video Streaming Service Systems
17. Routing And Caching Algorithms For Multimedia Transmission Over Software-Defined Networks
18. Research On Key Technologies Of In-network Caching-based Cooperative Transport Issues
19. Research On The Security Mechanism Of P2P Networking Monitoring And Trust Model
20. Critical Technologies Of Packet Deliveries For Delay Tolerant Mobile Sensor Networking
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