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Keyword [Nonlinearity]
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1. Multi-parameters Optimization And Application Of Inductive Angle Sensor
2. Research On Self-interference Suppression Of CO-time CO-frequency Full Duplex Wireless Communication Systems
3. The Application Research Of Optical OFDM Technology In Short-reach And Long-haul Optical Fiber Communication Systems
4. The Phase Errors And Error Control By LDPC Codes Under Very Low SNR Condition
5. Analysis Of High Power And Energy All Fiber Laser And The Frequency Doubling Experiments
6. Study Of Nonlinear Electromagnetic Scattering Characteristics From Ocean Waves
7. The Study On Optical Switches And Filtering Characteristics In Waveguide-Resonator Coupled System
8. Behavioral Modeling And Digital Predistortion Of Nonlinear Power Amplifiers With Memory Effects
9. Nonlinearity-Based Manipulation And High Capacity Transmission Technologies Of Optical Signal
10. Theory And Experimental Study Of Novel Microstructure Optical Fibers With Birefringence And Nonlinearity
11. Research On Key Technologies Of Digital Self-interference Suppression In Co-Time Co-Frequency Full-Duplex Systems
12. Research On Swarming Behavior Of Multi-agent Systems In Networks
13. Analysis And Synthesis For Nonlinear Jump Systems Based On Dissipative Theory
14. Analysis And Synthesis Of Robust Performances For Uncertain Systems
15. Experimental Studies, Analysis And Design For Erbium Doped Fiber Amplifiers With Low Noise Figure, High And Flat Gain
16. Study On Piezoelectric Ceramic Self-sensing Actuators And The Control Method Of Micro-motion Worktable Driven By It
17. Zero-dimensional Ge And One-dimensional ZnO Nanostructures And Devices
18. Research On RF Power Nonlinearity And Mobile Communication Key Techniques
19. Experimental And Theoretical Research On Nonlinear Properties Of Microstructured Fiber
20. Study On Double-clad Fiber Lasers And Amplifiers
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