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1. A Distributed Architecture For Interactive Robots Based On A Knowledge Software Platform
2. Research On Analyses Of Motion Characteristics And Motion Control Of Serial Robot Combining Screw Theory
3. Research On Wall Travelling Control For Ship Rust Removal Wall Climbing Robot
4. Research On Extended Cascading Modeling And The Constraint-following Control Of Multi-body Systems
5. Research On Slave Robot For Laparoscopic Minimally Invasive Surgery Robot System With Force Sensing
6. Study On Swimming-walking Bionic Mixed Motion Of Underwater Self-reconfigurable Robot
7. Analysis And Design For Hexapod Robots With Parallel Mechanical Legs
8. Research On Coordinated Tracking Control For Multi-Robot System Based On Binocular Visual
9. Study Of Human-robot Interaction Technology Based On Vision
10. Terrain Feature Based Localization Mapping And Traversability For Mobile Robots
11. Mechanical Analysis And Performance Optimization Of The Cable-driven Parallel Robot
12. Research On Optoelectronic Vision-based Robot Control Theory And Its Application
13. Movement Mechanism And Experimental Study Of Multi-legged Robot Based On Hybrid-Driven Mechanism
14. Research On The Bio-inspired Dry Adhesive Mechanism And The Wall- Climbing Robot
15. Research On Cooperative Motion Planning And Control Of A Redundant Dual-arm Robot For Rescuing Tasks
16. Study On The Key Technology Of Redundant Glue Robot
17. Research And Realization On Locomotion Control Technology Of Quadruped Robot
18. The Navigation And Control Technology Of Teleautonomous For Small Tracked Mobile Robot
19. Throwing Robot Flippling Obstacle Negotiation Technology Research
20. Research On Safe TCM Massage Robotic Arm System And Its Control Stategy
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