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Keyword [Robustness]
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1. Research On Robust Speech Recognition Method Of Agricultural Market Information Acquisition
2. Robust Active Contour Image Segmentation Models And Their Applications
3. Researches On Defense Strategy Against Evasion Attacks
4. Research On Voiceprint Recognition Robust Technology And Its Application
5. Research Of Network Protocol Robustnes Test Platform Key Technology
6. Principle And Performance Research On Deep Sub-micro ESD Devices
7. Research On Beamforming Techniques For Wireless Physical Layer Security With Imperfect CSI
8. Research On Robustness Of Speaker Verification Under Complicated Environments
9. Research On Robustness Of Chaotic Systems With Application In Image Encryption
10. A Study On Face Recognition Based On Compressive Sensing
11. Study Of Audio Authentication Techniques Based On Perceptual Hashing And Digital Watermarking
12. Adaptive Beamforming Algorithms Under Nonideal Conditions
13. Research On Key Techniques Of Object In-depth Retrieval From Images
14. Robust Speaker Recognition Based On Sparse Coding
15. Homogeneous Polynomial Forms For Robustness Analysis Of Several Classes Of Uncertain Systems
16. Research On Electrostatic Discharge And ESD Protection Devices
17. Research On The Service Cache Methods In Information-Centric Networking
18. Robust Transceiver Design For Multi-antenna Systems
19. Research On Approaches For Super Resolution Imaging Using Ultrasonic Phased Array
20. Study On Shape Feature With Deformation Robustness And Its Application In Retrieval
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