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1. Sliding Mode Variable Structure Control And Its Application To Wafer Scanner
2. Optimization Algorithms Of Cross-layer Congestion Control For Wireless Sensor Networks
3. Research On Intelligent Control Theory And Applications Of Sliding Mode Variable Structure
4. The Study And Application Of Variable Structure Control Theory
5. Available Bit Rate (ABR) Flow Control In Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) Networks
6. The Study Of Variable Structure Control Based On Sliding Mode And Its Application To Inverted Pendulum Systems
7. Resonant Impedance Type Hybrid Active Filter
8. Study Of Time-Varying Delay Systems Sliding Mode Variable Structure Intelligent Control Strategy
9. Study On Control Strategy For Multi-Degree-of-Freedom Hydraulic Servo Systems
10. The Key Technologies Research And Engineering Application Of Injection Type Active Power Filter
11. Sliding Mode Variable Structure Control For Underactuated Horizontal Manipulators
12. Research On Characteristics And Control Of The Parallel Stabilization And Tracking Platform With 4TPS-1PS Structure Driven By Electric Cylinders
13. Study On Some Key Problems Of Three-axis ATP Moving Platform
14. Research On Intelligent Sliding Mode Variable Structure Control For Multi-link Robots
15. Research On Inverse Kinematics And Sliding Mode Variable Structure Trajectory Tracking Control Of Mobile Manipulator
16. On Observer-based Robust Fault Detection And Reconstruction For Nonlinear Systems
17. Research On Coordinated Operation Of Multi-Arm Freeflying Space Robot
18. Research On The Theory And Engineering Application Of High-capacity Active Power Filter With Single Injection Circuit
19. Research On Neural Network Trajectory Tracking Control Of Space Robot And Micro-Gravity Simulation Method
20. Research On Movement Control Method Of Nonholonomic Wheeled Mobile Robot
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