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Keyword [Trajectory planning]
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1. Movement Mechanism And Experimental Study Of Multi-legged Robot Based On Hybrid-Driven Mechanism
2. Research On Key Technologies Of Cooperative ECM In Multi-syndrome Jammers For Countering Radar Net
3. Motion Planning And Stability Control For Table Tennis Hitting Operations Of A Humanoid Robot
4. Study On Autonomous Mobile Robot Trajectory Planning Based On Modified Quantum-behaved Particle Swarm
5. Trajectory Planning And Nonlinear Control For Underactuated Cranes: Design, Analysis, And Applications
6. Research On Walking Mechanism Analysis And Control System Of A Crab-liked Biologically Inspired Robot
7. Robot Manipulability Research Based On Differential Geometry
8. Study On Trajectory Planning Algorithms For Robots And Their Projective Implementations Under Virtual Environment
9. Research On Turing Device And Posing Measure Of "Dragon Of Puncturing Mud" Robot
10. A Research On Key Technologies Of Hole-Axis Assembling Robot Guided By Visual System
11. Study On Path Planning And Trajecotory Tracking Control Of Free-Floating Space Robot
12. Key Technologies For Reconfigurable Modular Robot System
13. Development Of A 5-DOF Hybrid Robot For Intersecting Curve Flame Cutting
14. Study On Key Problems Of Automated Ultrasonic Inspection For Curved Surface Composite Parts
15. Study Of AGV Agent Control System
16. Operation Process Optimization For Robotic Manipulators In Complicated Tasks
17. Uncertain Programming Based On Swarm Intelligence
18. Research On The Key Technology For Auto-parking System
19. Research On Trajectory Planning And Intelligent Control Of Uncertain Space Robot
20. Research On Frog-inspired Biomimetic Jumping Robot
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