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1. The Study On VLSI Implementation Of High Speed And High Performance FFT Processor
2. IP Soft Core Design Of UART Supporting IRDA1.0
3. Design And Implementation Of The DES Encryption System Based On FPGA
4. The Design And Research Of The Platform For Information Processing Based On ARM
5. Design And Implementations Of Intelligent Alarm Sytem Based On Embedded System
6. Design And Realization Of Embedded Information Transmiting System Based On Nios II Soft CPU
7. The Design And Implement On The Embedded Uart-Network Protocol Conversion
8. The Research And Implementation Of A Vehicle Monitor System Based On GPS/GPRS
9. The Analysis And Realization Of Resident Monitor Program For Garfield SoC
10. The Design And Realization Of Ticket Information Recording System
11. Research And Application Of The Function Verification In The IP Core Design
12. The MMI Application Of Bluetooth TCP,SDP Based On MTK Mobile Phone Platform
13. Design Of UART And DMA Controller Soft IP Core With Application To SOC
14. The Design And Implementation Of Full System Simulator (UART And Ethernet Card)
15. Design Of Universal Asynchronous Receiver And Transmitter
16. The Design Of Bluetooth HCI-UART Control Interface Based On FPGA
17. Design And Implementation Of Receiving And Processing Module Based On Cdma2000-1x Downlink
18. The Analyse And Design About Meta-Stability In Asynchronous Timing Circuits
19. Research And Development Of Advanced Computer Interface Experiment Platform
20. Edge Detection Method Of Moving Plate Objects Based On Linear Array CCD
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