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1. Research On High Performance Planar Microwave Filter And Diplexer
2. Research Of High Linearity And Compact Tunable Bandpass Filter
3. The Research Of Contour Following Error Control And Compensating Methods For Multi-axes Motion
4. Study On Multi-Axis Motion Control System Based On Real-Time Ethenet
5. Investigations On The Multilayer Substrate Integrated Waveguide Filters Based On LTCC
6. Investigations On The Miniaturized High-Performance Microstrip Filters
7. Research And Design Of Highly Selective And Miniaturized Bandpass Filter In Wireless Communication Systems
8. Research On Measurement And Control System Of Automated Chemiluminescent Immunoassay Analyzer
9. Synthesis Of The Filter With Transmission Zeros
10. The Research Of Computer-aided Tuning Method Of Cross-coupled Resonator Filters
11. The Research Of AGV Tracking Strategy Based-on Fuzzy Immune PI And Cross-coupling Control
12. Design Of TE01 Mode Dielectric Resonator Filter
13. Contour Tracking Control On A Bi-Axis Motion Table
14. Analysis And Design Of The General Chebyshev Filter
15. Study Of Cross Coupled Filter
16. The Research Of Cross Coupling Of Cascaded Filter
17. Synthesis And Design Of Cross-Coupling Resonator Filter With Source-Load Coupling
18. Design Of VCO In Digital TV Tuner
19. Synthesis Of Cross-coupled Filters And Corresponding Diagnosis & Tuning
20. The Design And Research Of Novel Ultra-Wideband Coupler And Filter Miniaturization
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