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Keyword [frequency stabilization]
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1. Research On Error Properties Of Laser Gyroscope With Total Reflection Prisms
2. Research On 935nm Differential Absorption Lidar For Atmospheric Water Vapor Measurement
3. Orthogonal Polarized Laser Feedback Theory Based On Cavity Tuning And Frequency Stabilized Displacement Measuring System
4. Study Ht-2 Satellite Radar Altimeter Calibration Based On Retrun Signal Simulator
5. A RF Control System For Frequency Stabilization Of Diode Pumped Nd:YAG-KTP Laser To Doppler-Broadened Absorption Line Center
6. Investigation On Electrocircuit For 532nm Saturated Absorption Iodine-Stabilized Nd:YVO4/KTP Laser
7. Improvement On Frequency Stabilization Servo System Of The External Cavity Semiconductor Laser
8. Study On ~(133)Cs Saturated Absorption Frequency Stabilization Of ECDLs By AOM Frequency Shift/Modulation
9. Studies On Absorption Length Of Modulation Transfer Spectrum And Its Application In Laser Frequency Stabilization
10. Study On Technology Of Frequency Stabilization Of External Cavity Semiconductor Laser
11. Technology Of Wavelength Tuning Based On Refractive Optical Lever And Its Application In Optical Spectrum Analyzers And Diode Lasers
12. Frequency Stabilization Of A Laser Based On The Control Of Intermode Beat Note
13. Researching The Stabilization Of Ultra-stable Fabry-Perot Cavities
14. Studies Of The Transverse Zeeman-Birefringence He-Ne Dual-Frequency Lasers' Characters And Its "Dual-Frequency" Stabilization
15. Frequency Stabilization Of The Fiber Grating External Cavity Semiconductor Lasers
16. Study Of LD-Pumped Dual-Frequency Nd:YAG Laser Technique
17. Frequency Stabilization Of 689nm Diode Laser With High Fineness Cavity
18. Research On Single Longitudinal Mode Laser Of Active Frequency Stabilization Control System
19. Design And Experimental Research Of Single Longitudinal Mode YAG Laser Frequency Discrimination System
20. Research On Frequency Stabilization Of A Double Longitudinal He-Ne Laser By Digital Controll
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