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1. Distributed Fusion Filtering For Sensor Networked Systems With Network Constraints And Packet Dropouts
2. Analysis And Synthesis Of Model-Based Discrete-Time Networked Control Systems
3. Fault Detection And Control For Networked Systems With Incomplete Measurements
4. Research On Analysis And Design For Networked Control Systems With Random Delays And Packet Dropouts
5. Random Model And Control Of A Class Of Networked Control Systems
6. Fuzzy Control For T-S Fuzzy Time-delay Systems With Actuator Saturating
7. Analysis And Design For NCS With Data Packet Dropouts
8. Analysis And Design For Ncs With Data Packet Dropouts
9. Analysis And Control Of Networked Control Systems With Markovian Characteristics
10. Modeling And Control Of Networked Control Systems With Packet Dropouts And Packet Disordering
11. Distributed Fusion Estimation For Multi-Sensor Discrete-Time Stochastic Systems
12. State Estimation And Controller Design For Networked Systems Based On Moving Horizon Optimization Strategy
13. Investigation On Dynamical Systems With Stochastic Time Delays: Analysis And Design Of Networked Control Systems
14. Control And Filtering For Networked Systems With Communication Constraints And Incomplete Information
15. H_∞Performance Analysis And Controller Design Of Networked Control Systems
16. Research On Optimization Modeling And Control Methodologies Of Networked Control Systems
17. H_∞Control For Networked Control Systems With Random Delays, Packet Dropouts And Quantizations
18. Stability Analysis For Nonlinear Networked Control Systems With Constraints Of Communication Channels And Packet Dropouts
19. Nonlinear System Information Fusion Filtering Algorithm Research
20. Packet Loss System Distributed Information Fusion Estimation
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