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1. Solution-Processed Organosilicon Host Materials For Blue Phosphorescent Organic Light Emitting Diodes
2. Synthesis And Electro-Optical Property Investigation Of Bipolar Host Materials Used For Solution-Processed Oleds
3. Study Of The Properties And Mechanism Of Organic Thin Film Electroluminescent Devices
4. Study On The Preparation, Characterization And Application Of The Novel Sensitive Materials Based On Silica Matrix
5. Research On Multi-color Devices And Equipments Of Organic Light-emitting Diodes
6. Study On Control Of Energy And Charge Carriers In Organic Light-Emitting Devices
7. Studies On White Organic Light Emitting Devices Based On Blue Fluorescence And Orange Phosphorescence
8. Design/Synthesis And Optoelectronic Properties Of Silicon-containing Wide Bandgap Hosts
9. Study Of Oxygen Sensor Based On Palladium-Porphyrin Room-Temperature Phosphorescence Quenching
10. Study Of Room Temperature Phosphorescence Sensors And Switches Based On Photo-induced Electron Transfer
11. Sensors Based On The Nano TiO2/SiO2 Composite Oxide
12. Studies On Factors Impacting The Luminance Of Organic Electrophosphorescent Devices
13. Modification On Luminescent Properties Of SrAl2O4: Eu2+, Dy3+ Phosphors By Lanthanon Ions Doping
14. Preparation And Property Of Long-afterglow Luminous Materials
15. Effects Of Doping Concentration And Hole Blocking Material On The Performance Of Phosphorescent OLEDs
16. Synthesis Of Red-emitting Irdium Complexes And Their Electrophosphorescence Devices
17. "Studies On The Energy Transfer Of Phosphorescent Dye Doped Polymer"
18. Research On Luminescence Characteristics Of Polymer Light-emitting Devices
19. "studies On The Energy Transfer Of Phosphorescent Dye Doped Polymer"
20. New Platinum-based Phosphorescent Devices
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