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1. Research And Application On Head Pose Estimation In Natural Environment
2. Research On Robot Teaching System Based On Virtual Reality And Supervisory Control Theory
3. Virtual Experiment And Its Application Studies In Teaching
4. Efficient Organization Tools For Teaching Plan
5. Design And Practice For A Picture Archiving And Communication System Based Structured Report Module
6. Research On Pattern-Driven Models And Their Implementation Mechanisms For Individual Network Teaching
7. Research On University Timetabling Problem Based On Self-fertilization Memetic Algorithm
8. Research On Key Technologies Of Automatic Teaching Of Welding Robot Based On Vision Feedback
9. Research On Path Planning And Control Method Of Manipulator Used For Steam Generator Repairing
10. Study On Adaptivity And Optimization Of Web-based Teaching Based On Ontology Theory
11. Research On Key Technology Of Simulation And Virtual Teaching For Humanoid Robot
12. Intelligent Tutoring System With Knowledge Points To Build Methods Of Research And Practical Teaching System Design
13. Key Techniques Research In Intelligent Tutoring System
14. The Application Of Vhdl Language In Teaching And Study
15. Research Of The Implementing Multimedia Services Program In The Transport Ministry Private Network
16. The Designing And Realizing Of Teaching Management System In Browser/Server Architecture
17. Design And Implementation Of A Microkernel-based Operating System By Object-oriented Techniques
18. Teaching And Learning System Based On Network Database
19. The Model And Design Of ICAI Based On Internet
20. The Design And Implementation Of The Network Protocols Based On The Micro-Kernel Operation System Pagoda
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