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1. Studies On Metrological Techniques For Basic Physical Parameters Of Microfluidic Systems
2. Research On Sensing Technology Utilizing Self-mixing Effect Of VCSEL And Optical Tracking System
3. Research On Velocimeter And Range Finder Utilizing Self-mixing Effect In Single-mode VCSEL And Three Dimensional Imaging
4. Hybrid Fourier-wavelet Image Denoising And Signal Processing Of Laser Screen Target System
5. The Study Of Digital Signal Processing Module In Virtual Instrument Of Balistic Velocity Measurement With Doppler Radar
6. Multi-Frequency Radar Tracking System Algorithm Research And DSP Implement
7. A Kind Of High-Accuracy Measure Algorithm For Motion Object
8. Development Of Blood Flow Measurement System By Pulse Doppler Ultrasound
9. Study On Acoustic Doppler Current Velocity Measurement Technology
10. Study On Human Blood Velocity Measurement And Image Reconstruction Based On The Optical Coherence Tomography
11. Improved Algorithm Of Quadrature Sampling With Pulse Compression And The Design Of Its Optimized Filter
12. The Design Of Quadrature Sampling And The Research Of Pulse Compression Algorithm
13. Spread Velocity Measurement Of Flame Based On Digit Image Processing
14. Precision Opto-Electronic Velocity Measurement For High-speed Moving Object
15. Research And Realization Of Acoustic Doppler Current Velocity Measurement System
16. The Design Of A Electrical Chronometer With High Precision And Intelligence Based On MCU And FPGA
17. Design Of Flow Field Velocity Measurement System Based On DSP
18. Research Of Two-phase Flow Rate Coss-correlation Measurement System
19. The Research On The Technique Of UWB Penetrating System
20. Study On Correlation Velocity Measurement Of Gas-solid Two-phase Flow Using Electrostatic Sensor
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