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Keyword [Channel conflict]
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1. A Study On The Selection Of Channel Sales Mode And Operational Strategies In Dual-channel Supply Chain
2. Research On Furniture Marketing Channel Conflict Management Based On Game Theory
3. Study On Channel Conflict And Coordination In Distribution Channel Innovation
4. The Study On Agricultural Products Marketing Channel Conflict
5. Research On Cooperation Strategy Between Manufacturers And Retailers In E-supply Chain
6. Study On Channel Conflict And Control In Telecommunication Industry
7. Farmers' Personal Relationship Network Structure, Channel Behavior, And Relationship Stability In Contractual Channel Of Agricultural Products
8. A Study On Consumer Information-based Free Riding Problem Under Dual-channel Environment
9. Supply Chain System Of The Internet-based Multi-channel Competition
10. The Research On The Early-Warning Management Of The Corporation Distribution Channel Conflict
11. Study On Channel Conflict Influence Factors In Maturity Period
12. Research On The Relationship Of Marketing Channel
13. A Study Of Channel Conflict Management In Chinese Communication Enterprise
14. Marketing Channel Conflict Management: The Impact Of Culture On Channel Communication
15. OTC Drugs Marketing Channel Research Of Our Country
16. Study On Multi-Channel Conflict And Integration Of Apparel Companies In China
17. The Research On Marketing Channel Selection For Manufacturer In B2C Circumstance
18. The Research On The Theory And Application Of Mareting Channel Conflict
19. The Administration About Conflict Of GREE Corporation
20. The Theoretical Study Of Enterprise Marketing Channel Conflict
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