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1. Supply Chain System Of The Internet-based Multi-channel Competition
2. A Study On Pricing Strategy In Dual-channel Supply Chain Considering The Behavior Of Traders
3. A Study On LBO In China
4. The Decision-making And Modeling Of Dual-channel Pricing On Online Direct Marketing And Traditional Distribution Of Small And Midsize Manufacturing Enterprises
5. Dual-channel Pricing Strategy Of The Supply Chain, E-commerce Environment
6. Dual-channel Pricing Model Of E-commerce Environment
7. Research On The Closed-loop Supply Chain In Dual-channel
8. Research On Manufacturer's Dual-Channel Strategy In E-Business
9. The Dual Channel Environments Manufacturer Product Pricing And Service Decision-making
10. The Research On Modeling Of Dual-channel Pricing For Small And Medium-sized Manufacturers
11. Pricing Competition And Coordination For Dual-channel Supply Chain Based On Service Cooperation
12. Retailer Promotional Dual Channel Pricing Research Efforts
13. Mixed Channel Selection And Pricing Behavior And Equitable Factors Hitchhiking Based
14. Research On Dual Channel Pricing And Coordination Of China 's Entity Retailers
15. Analysis Of The Dual-channel Pricing Strategies And Development Prospect Of Retailers
16. Research On Pricing And Cooperating Of The Dual-channel Supply Chain Under The Competitive Environment Of More Brand
17. Pricing Strategies In A Dual-channel With Online Mismatched Business
18. Marketing Strategies In Dual-channel Supply Chain
19. The Research Of Supply Chain Channel Pricing Strategy With The Considering Of Capital Constraint
20. The Research On Pricing Strategy Of Different Supply Chain Channel Structures Based On Risk Averse Behavior
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