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1. Assessment Of Employee Perceptions On Decentralisation Of Shared Services: A Case Study Of World Agroforestry Centre, ICRAF
2. The Empirical Research Of Mechanism On The Relationship Among Authentic Leadership,Organizational Innovational Climate And Employee’s Creativity
3. Authentic Climate, Authentic Leadership And Creativity: A Multi-level Perspective
4. Exploration And Research On Intellectual Property In Product Design
5. Influencing Factors And Mechanism Of Leadership Style On Organizational Innovation
6. A Study On The Effect Of Pay For Performance On Employee Creativity
7. Research On External Information Support System For Online Group Idea Generation
8. "The Impact Of Team Conflict On Team Creativity:Evidence From Sri Lankan Telecommunications And Service Industries"
9. Research On The Impact Of Consumers’ Creativity On Product Innovation Behavior In Virtual Brand Community
10. Antecedents And Mechanisms Of Creativity In Inter-organizational Teams
11. The Influence Of Organizational Creativity Encouragement On Employee Creativity:the Mediating Effect Of Role Identity And Self-Efficacy
12. Empirical Study On The Influence Of Leadership Style On Employees’ Creativity
13. Research On The Influence Of Human Capital And Social Capital On Innovation: Hierarchical Linear Modeling Cross Individual And Team Level
14. Research On Creativity Of Complex Creative Idea Teams
15. Research On The Impact Of Work Pressure On Organizational Creativity And Its Mechanism
16. Influence Mechanism Of Knowledge Team Conflict On Team Creativity
17. Collective Team Identification And Team Creativity
18. Pay For Performance And Employee Creativity: A Study Based On Dynamic Mental Accounting Process And Intrinsic-Extrinsic Motivational Synergy
19. A Study On The Mechanism Of The Effect Of Learned Helplessness On Employees’ Creativity
20. The Influences Of Servant Leadership On Employee Turnover Intention And Creativity
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