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1. Research On Optimal Product Differentiation Design And Pricing Strategy For Information Products
2. The Functional Evolution And Spatial Differentiation Of Rural Settlements
3. Structural Antecedents Of Organization Ambidexterity And Their Effects On Firm Performance
4. Study On Urban And Rural Household Energy Consumption And Influence Factors In Gannan Tibetan Area
5. Economy Growth, Income Differentiation And Risk Sharing Ability
6. Influencing Mechanism Of Technological Innovation On Cost Leadership Strategy
7. Reseach On Measurement Of Yangtze Economics Belt’s Economic Development Quality
8. Study On Spatial-temporal Differentiation Of Land Ecosystem Service Value And The Driving Factors In Hubei Province
9. Research On The Industrial Divergence Based On The Information Industry
10. Competitive Investment Under Uncertainty: Real Options And Game Theroy
11. Impact Research Of Rural-Household Differentiation On Farmland Transfer Decision
12. Competition And Collusion Game Study Based On Product Differentiation
13. Paternalistic Leadership Impact On Team Performance
14. Research On The Development Of Agricultural Machinery Service In The Perspective Of Agricultural Management Entities Differentiation
15. Research On The Coordination Of Land Intensive Use And Economic Development
16. Research On Network Externalities, Product Differentiation And Manufacturers’ Competition Decision-Making
17. Study On The Differentiation And Integration Of Social Interests In The Postponed Retirement Reform In China
18. The Research On Different Management And Operations Of City Commercial Banks
19. Study On The Mechanism Of The New Agricultural Subject Cultivation Under The Background Of The Rural Household Differentiation
20. The Competitive Strategy Research Of Military Enterprises Based On Product Differentiation
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