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Keyword [Dual-channel Supply Chain]
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1. Research On Several Marketing Problems With Durable Goods In Dual-channel Supply Chains
2. Study On Complex Dynamics Of Price And Service Game Models Based On Dual Channel Supply Chain
3. Study On Dual-channel Supply Chain Decision Making And Coordination Under Disruptions
4. A Study On The Selection Of Channel Sales Mode And Operational Strategies In Dual-channel Supply Chain
5. Research On The Pricing Strategy And Coordination Contracts Of Dual Channel Supply Chain
6. Studies On Risk Of Dual-channel Supply Chain With Demand Uncertainty
7. Dual-channel Supply Chain Optimal Strategies Considering Behaviors Of Members
8. Research On Dual-Channel Supply Chain Cooperation And Competition
9. Research On Dual-channel Supply Chain Coordination Mechanism In E-commerce
10. A Study On Pricing Strategy In Dual-channel Supply Chain Considering The Behavior Of Traders
11. A Study On Price Competition And Coordination In Dual-channel Supply Chain In The E-commerce Age
12. Multi - Channel Product Distribution And Coordination Strategy In E - Commerce Environment
13. Channel Selection And Coordination Of Dual - Channel Supply Chain In E - Commerce Environment
14. Research On Double Channel Supply Chain Game Based On Hotelling Model
15. Pricing And Game Analysis Of Dual Channel Supply Chain Based On CVaR Criterion And Channel Selection
16. Research On Pricing And Coordination Mechanism Of Dual - Channel Supply Chain Under Carbon Policy
17. A Study On The Price Decisions Of The Dual-channel Supply Chain
18. Research On Pricing Strategy Of Dual-Channel Supply Chain With Strategy Consumer And Broker
19. Research On Pricing Strategy Of Dual-Channel With Promotional Efforts Dependent Demand
20. Research On The Pricing Decision And Coordination In A Two Class Dual-Channel Supply Chain With Dominant Firms
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