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1. Study On Demonstration And Construction Of NFPP Effect Evaluation System In Yanbian Forest Region
2. The EU Internal Service Trade Policy Research
3. Theoretical And Empirical Research On The Integration Of Culture Conflict Of The Restructured SOEs
4. Research On Low-carbon Development Models And Decision Support System Design For China’s Electric Power Industry
5. Research On Intergovernmental Fiscal Relations And Effects Evaluation Between The Central And Local Governments In China
6. Research On Asymmetric Information Effect Evaluation In Government Subsidy And Its Economic Effect:Empirical Evidence From Chinese Listed Firms
7. Study On The Dynamic Tracking And Effect Evaluation Of China’s Household Income Redistribution System Reform
8. Study On The Effect Evaluation Of Farmer’s Income Distribution System In China
9. Studies On Present Situation And Application Of Aquatic Products Quality And Safety Risk Analysis In China
10. Study On Reconstruction Process Of Tourism Landscape And Its Effect In Mining Wasteland
11. Research On Regional Energy System Emission-Reduction Effect Evaluation And Optimization Management Under Uncertainty
12. Basic Farmland Construction And Effect Evaluation In Chongqing
13. Research On Internationalization Of Shipping Enterprises In China
14. Economic, Ecological And Social Effect Evaluation Of Dry Land Technology
15. Theory Of Regional Investment Effect On The Development Of Regional Economic
16. The Study On Effects Of Industrial Policies In China
17. A Study On The Relation Between Land Use Change And Socio-economic Development And Its Effect Evaluation In North Shaanxi Province Of Loess Plateau
18. Study On Incentive Machanism Of Insurance Agents In China
19. The Research On Decision Model And Effect Evaluation Of The Enterprises' Disaster Donation
20. Land Scale Operation Models And Its Effect Evaluation
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