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Keyword [Entrepreneurial performance]
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1. Research On The Influence Of Social Capital And Financing Capability On Farmers’ Entrepreneurship
2. Research On The Effect Of New Ventures’ Embedding In Industrial Clusters On Entrepreneurial Performance From The Perspective Of Organizational Legitimacy
3. Relationship Of Constraining Factors And Entrepreneurial Performance Of Taiwanese Micro-enterprise Entrepreneurs
4. Research On The Relationship Between Entrepreneurial Orientation And Performance Based On The Evolution Of Intellectual Structure Analysis
5. The Empirical Study On Mechanism Of Innovation And Learning Affecting Technological Capability And Entrepreneurial Performance In High Technology Firms
6. Research On The Theory Of Necessity-Driven Entrepreneurship Based On Classic Entrepreneurial Models
7. The Study On The Relationship Between Incubatee's Social Capital And Its Entrepreneurial Performance
8. Theoretical And Empirical Research On The International Entrepreneurship Of Automotive Industry
9. Research On Mechanism Of The Relationship Between The Structure Of Entrepreneurial Team's Competency And Entrepreneurial Performance
10. Financing Problemes Of Hi-tech Start-ups: Policy Design And Practical Development
11. Research On Government Behaviors For Promoting Entrepreneurial Activities
12. A Study Of The Relationship Among Entrepreneur's Work-family Conflict, Coping Strategies And Entrepreneurial Performance
13. Research On The Relationship Between Resource Acquisition And Entrepreneurial Performance: Based On The View Of Capability
14. The Effect Of Entrepreneurial Orientation On New Venture Performance: A Study Based On "Ambidextrous Structure" Entrepreneurial Environment
15. Organizational Crisis Perception And Its Effect Mechanism On Strategic Choice In The Process Of Turnaround
16. Study On Relationship Among Social Capital, Entrepreneurial Orientation And Performance Based On The Corporate Entrepreneurship Of Tech-typed SMEs
17. The Study Of Entrepreneurial Capabilities And Entrepreneurial Performance Based On Entrepreneurial Social Networks
18. Comparative Study Of The Determinants And Performance Of Opportunity And Necessity Entrepreneurship
19. Entrepreneurial Learning, Knowledge Acquisition And Entrepreneurial Performance
20. Study On The Relationship Among Entrepreneurial Environment, Entrepreneurial Orientation And Entrepreneurial Performance In Northeast China
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