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Keyword [Fairness Concerns]
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1. Research On Decision And Stimulation Of Supply Chain With Dominant Distributor Based On Fairness Concerns
2. Operation Strategy Of Service Supply Chain Based On Fairness Concerns
3. An Exploration Of The Fairness Concerns Of Recent National Housing Reform
4. Supply Chain Contracts Considering Fairness Concerns
5. Pricing Mechanism Of Fairness Concerns In The Closed-loop Supply Chain
6. Supply Chain Optimization And Coordination With Homogeneous Fairness Concerned Newsvendors
7. Consider Advertising And Performance Of Supply Chain Dual Channel Supply Chain Cooperation Fair Concern
8. Cooperative Advertising With Fairness Concerns In Distribution Channels
9. Research On Supply Chain Coordination With Buy-back Contract Considering Retailer Innovation Investment
10. Inventory And Pricing Decisions Under Supply Chain Contract With Fairness Concerns
11. Supply Chain Price Coordination In Bounded Rationality
12. Research On Supply Chain Insurance Contract Under The Influence Of Different Factors
13. Research On Cooperative Advertising Decision With Fairness Concerns
14. Research On Pricing Strategy Of Considering Retailer’s Fairness Concerns In The Dual-channel Supply Chain
15. Selection And Optimization Of Compensation Strategies Of Supply Chain Co-op Advertising With Fairness Concerns
16. Decision-making And Coordination Considering Fairness Concerns With Disagreement Point In Supply Chain Contracts
17. Agri-Production Supply Chain Considering Fairness Concerns
18. Decision And Coordination Of Fresh Agriculture Product Supply Chain Considering Fairness Concerns
19. Research On Supply Chain Cooperative Advertising With Retailer’s Fairness Concerns
20. Study On Decision Models In Closed-loop Supply Chains With Behavioral Factors Consideration
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