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Keyword [Fairness preference]
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1. Study On House Owners’ Willingness To Accept Of House Expropriation In Urban Renewal
2. Study On The Incentive Mechanisms Based On Fairness Preference
3. Payment Contract Design With Application Under Fairness Preference
4. The Study Of Behavioral Incentive Contract Theory And Application In The Inspective Of Fairness Preference
5. Fairness Preference, Intra-firm Compensation Inequity And Firm Performance
6. Research On Incentive Mechanism Of Employees' Behaviors Based On Fairness Preference
7. Fairness Preference, Compensation Gap And Company Performance
8. Research On Output-participating Incentive Tactic With Fairness Preference
9. The Outsourcing's Incentive Mechanism Design Of The Fourth Party Logistics
10. China's Listed Companies, Fair And Preference For Empirical Research
11. Consider The Participant's Fair Preference For Self-financing Credit Chain Financing
12. The Research On The Optimal Explicit And Implicit Incentive Combination Of The SOE’s Executive Based On Fairness Preference
13. Research On Output-Participating Incentive Mechanism Of Knowledge Workers
14. Research On Marketing Channel Incentive Mechanism Of Promotion Cost Distribution Based On Fairness Preference Theory
15. Fairness Preference Sensitivity And Empirical Research
16. Research On Vertical Differentiated Product Pricing Considering Fairness Preference
17. Research Of Team Management Incentive Mechanism Based On Fairness Preference
18. Tournaments Mechanism Under Asymmetric Information Of Ability And Preference
19. Supply Chain Contracts And Its Experimental Study Based On Risk And Fairness Preference
20. The Coordination Mechanism In Recycling And Remanufacturing With Irrational Characteristics
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