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Keyword [Horizontal Merger]
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1. Simulation Analysis On The Unilateral Effect Of Horizontal Merger
2. Research On The Theoretic Models Of Firm Merger
3. Study On Supply Chain Restructuring In Core Enterprise's Horizontal Merger And Acquisition
4. Antitrust Toward Horizontal Merger
5. Research On Enterprise Merger Models Based On Game Theory
6. Unilateral Effect Of Horizontal Mergers And Anti-trust Review
7. Competition Srategies Of Firms Based On Network Externality
8. Study Of Human Resource Integration In Horizontal Merger And Acquisition
9. The Cooperation And Collaboration Of Supply Chain In Horizontal Merger Of Enterprises
10. Application Of Option Pricing Theory To Decision-making On Investment
11. The Study On The Human Resource Integration In Horizontal M&A Of Chinese Clothing Enterprise
12. The Study Of The Welfare Effect Of Horizontal Mergers With Different Product
13. Synergy Of Cooperation Members Of Supply Chain In Horizontal Merger And Acquisition Of Enterprises
14. The Coordinated Effect Of A Horizontal Merger
15. Simulating The Unilateral Effects Of A Proposed Horizontal Merger In Differentiated Products Industries
16. The Research On Our Country's Shipbuilding Industry Based On SCP Paradigm
17. Research On Integration Of Supply Chain Process Based On The Horizontal Merger And Acquisition
18. The Comparative Study Of Impact Of Horizontal Merger And Vertical Merger Of Duopoly Retailer Of Supply Chain Collaboration
19. Power Generation Companies' Economies Of Scale And Research On The Effect Of Horizontal Merger
20. The Comparison Of Horizontal Merger Guidelines Between EU And The U.S.
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