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1. Research On Dynamics Simulation And Comprehensive Evaluation Of Sustainable Development Of Banners And Counties Of Huhhot
2. The Mobile Developing Studies Of Huhhot
3. The Research Into Some Problems Of Huhhot Mobile
4. A Study On The Development Of The Rural-Urban Fringe Of Huhhot City
5. On Developing Of Huhhot Mobile Places
6. The Study On Water Resources Restraint And Supporting Capacity Analysis And Countermeasure Research Of Huhhot
7. Huhhot Economy Development Resources Restraintand Environment Supporting Capacity Question Research
8. Research On Dairy Consumption In Huhhot
9. Study On The Contract Management Of The BOO Pattern Implemented In Inner Mongolia Huhhot-Dzungar Railroad Construction Project
10. The Analysis On The Balance Of Supply And Demand Of Water Resources In Huhhot
11. The Study On The Benefit Mechanism Between Dairy Process Factory And Agent Of Huhhot
12. Traveling Product Depth Development Of Huhhot Baotou And Erdos And Influence Analysis Of The Region Economy
13. Research On Inhabited Area Landscape Of Huhhot Main City
14. Research On The Spatial Structure Of Urban Land Price In Huhhot
15. Research On The Integrated Section Price Of Land Expropriation In Huhhot
16. Research On The House Property Turnover Of Suburban In China
17. Analysis On Dairy Industry Development And Cow Husbandry Mode In Huhhot In Inner Mongolia
18. Research On The Development Of Dairy In The Exurb Area Of Huhhot In Inner Mongolia
19. Study On The Small Township Construction In Huhhot In Inner Mongolia
20. Research Of PHS Increment Service Inner Mongolian Huhhot
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