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Keyword [Imitative Innovation]
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1. Enterprise Networks In Industrial Clusters In Rural Areas Of Central China
2. Study Of Sme Technology Innovation Process
3. Imitative Innovation Path For Emerging Market Companies And Mechanism Studies
4. The Study Of The Technology Innovation Model Of LYBF Company
5. Study On The Impact Of Lingnan Culture On The Self-supporting Innovation Capability Of Science And Technology In Guangdong
6. Research On Selection Of Chinese Auto Industry Technical Innovation Mode
7. The Technology Imitative Innovation Research Of SMEs In Zhejiang Province
8. A Study On Selection Of Technology Innovation Strategy For Korea's Electronic Manufacturing Industries Multinational Corporations
9. Strategic Selections In Technology Innovation Of Our Country’s Software Outsourcing
10. A Study Of Cluster Enterprises’ Innovation Strategy: An Evolutionary Game And Agent-based Modeling Approach
11. Research On The Realization Mechanism Of Innovative Economic Growth In China
12. Research On The Application Of Imitation Innovation Strategy In Tencent Company
13. The Evolutionary Process Study Of Enterprise Imitative Innovation To Independent Innovation Strategy
14. Imitative Innovation Internal Influencing Factors Of Domestic SMEs
15. The Research On Imitative Innovation Path Of Business Model
16. Study On The Innovation Model And Mechanism Of The Middle And Small-sized Enterprise Development In China
17. The Imitative Innovation Of Chinese Internet Enterprises' Business Model
18. Research On Impact Of Independent Innovation And Imitative Innovation On Competitiveness Of China's High-tech Industry
19. The Study Of Independent Innovation And Imitation Innovation's Effect On Chinese Manufacturing Exports
20. Research On Technological Innovation Model And The Transformation And Upgrading Of China's Manufacturing Industry
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