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Keyword [Local Governments]
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1. Fiscal Capacity Of Local Governments In China: Theoretical And Empirical Study
2. A Study On Economic Behavioral Patterns Of Local Governments And Economic Growth
3. A Study On The Cooperation Dilemma Among Chinese Local Governments And Its Solutions In The Development Of Regional Economy
4. Study On Influencing Factors And Mechanism Of The Acts Of Local Governments On Regional Brand Development
5. Research On Intergovernmental Fiscal Relations And Effects Evaluation Between The Central And Local Governments In China
6. The Research Of Economy Agglomeration And Behavior Of Tax Competition Of Local Governments In China
7. The Conduct Of Local Governments And The Construct Of Market Order
8. The Problem Of Fiscal Decentralization In Economic Transition In China
9. The Competition Among Local Governments And Coordinated Development Of Regional Economy
10. To Reconstruct The Fiscal Relationships Among Local Governments
11. Study On Chinese Local Governments' Competition Strategy An Analysing Perspective From Behavior Theory
12. Local Governments Competition And Coordinated Development Of Regional Economy
13. The Game Theory Analysis On Exploiting FDI Strategy Of The Local Governments
14. Study On The Local Governments' Behaviors In Developing Cycle Agriculture
15. Study On Government Behaviors In The Process Of Land Non-agricultural Conversion
16. Study On Mechanism Of Rural Public Finance
17. Financial Expenditure Governance Division Pattern Research Which Based On The Relationship Between The Central And Local Governments
18. Research On Localized Transnational Economic Cooperations In Northeast Asia
19. Research On The Debt's Venture Estimation And Administration In Chinese Local Governments
20. Research On The Governance Of City Commercial Banks In China During The Transition Process
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