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1. Research On The Relationship Among Choices Of Chinese Enterprises’ Horizontal Integration Strategy, Management Model, And Performance Under Condition Of Market Segmentation
2. Development Experience Emnbeddedness:Narratives Of Aid Practice
3. Study On Human Resource Localization For China Enterprises Abroad
4. The Economics Analysis Of Assets Securilization
5. Vertical Relationship Of The Industrial Chain Governance Model Study
6. Agglomeration, Externalities And Labor Productivity
7. In The Determinants Of Multinationals Globalization And Localization Strategy And Its Impact On Performance
8. A Triple Play Hysteresis New Institutional Economics Instance Research
9. The Research Of Corporate University's Effect On Localizing Operation Of Multinational Company
10. The Study Of How To Choose Supplier In The Component Localization Of Siemens VDO Changchun
11. Study On The Localization Of Overseas SMEs: Theoretical Approaches And Empirical Study Of South Korean SMEs In Shandong China
12. A Study Of MNCs' Localization Strategy In China
13. A Study Of The Localization Of Ultinational Advertising Agency In China
14. The HRM Of R&D Centre In China Of Multi-national IT Corporations
15. In The New Period The Localizations And Development Of Supply And Marketing Cooperative In Serves For Rural And Agriculture And Farmer
16. Method Research Of Value Promotion In Property Development Project Market Localization
17. Commercial Real Estate Marketing Study Basing On STP Strategy
18. Research Of The Key Factor Of Administrative Staff's Localization Of Taiwan-owned Enterprise
19. The Study Of The Dual Effect Of The Localization Of The MNCs' R&D In China
20. The Study On The Value Localization And Function Transformation Of Shijiazhuang In Jing-jin-jin Information City Network System
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