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Keyword [Perceived Organizational Support]
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1. The Antecedents Of Employee Proactive Behavior
2. An Empirical Study Of The Relationships Of Knowledge Workers’ Calling, Career Commitment And Job Attitudes
3. Pay For Performance And Employee Creativity: A Study Based On Dynamic Mental Accounting Process And Intrinsic-Extrinsic Motivational Synergy
4. A Study On The Mechanism Of The Effect Of Learned Helplessness On Employees’ Creativity
5. The Research Of Knowledge Workers' Career Stagnation And Governance Countermeasure
6. Chinese Knowledge-workers' Perceived Organizational Support And Its Influence On Their Job Performance And Turnover Intention
7. Job Insecurity And Its Effect On Organizational Outcomes
8. The Research Of Enterprise Interpersonal Trust And Its Impact On Knowledge Sharing In Chinese Culture Environment
9. The Mechanism Of Organizational Support, Organizational Motivation, Employee Behaviors And R&D Team Innovation Performance
10. Exploratory Study Of The Dynamic Behavior Of R & D Personnel
11. Work Pressure, Perceived Organizational Support And Job Burnout Relationship Study
12. Research On The Adjustment Mechanism Of Enterprise Labour Relations
13. Relation Research On The Organizational Citizenship Behavior,Psychology Contract And Organizational Justice
14. The Influence Of Perceived Organizational Support And Its Antecedents On Employee Loyalty
15. Empirical Study On The Occupational Stress Of Knowledge Worker
16. The Research Of The Relationship Between Perceived Organizational Support And Organizational Commitment
17. Research Of Organizational Citizenship Behavior Based On Phychology Contract
18. Research On Job Stress Of IT Employees In China And Its Relationship With Percieved Organizational Support
19. The Relationships Among Psychological Contract, Perceived Organizational Support And Job Involvement Of Corporation Employees
20. A Study On The Effects Of Organizational Career Management On Knowledge Workers' Affective Commitment
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