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1. Research On The Effect Of Staffs’ Perceived Competitive Advantage On Organizational Citizenship Behaviors
2. Research On The Effect Of Perceived Organizational Support On The Knowledge Workers’ Turnover Intention Based On Organizational Identification
3. A Study On The Relationship Between ERM In The Hotel And Organizational Citizenship Behavior
4. The Effect Of Job Stress And Perceived Organizational Support On Safety Performance Of Chemical Enterprise Employees
5. A Research On The Influence Of Perceived Organizational Support On Organizational Citizenship Behavior
6. Research On Job Stress And Its Influence Of Chinese Bank Employees
7. The Effect Of Innovative Organization Value On Personal Innovation Intention
8. The Study In The Relationship Between Servant Leadership And Subjcctivc Well-being As Well As Engagement
9. Research On Relationship Between Human Resource Management Practices And Innovation Performance In AB Pharmaceutical Company
10. Study Of The Relationship Among Job Stress, Percieved Organizational Support And Job Engagement In State-owned Construction Enterprise
11. Relationship Between Compensation Justice, Perceived Organizational Support And Employee Engagement
12. The Research Of Employee-Organization Relationship And Social Exchange Variables’Impact On Corrupt Individuals Of Organization
13. Relationship Among Grass-roots Employees’ Work Stress And Organizational Citizenship Behavior:Moderated Mediating Effect
14. A Study On The Mechanism Between Perceived Organizational Support And Career Success For The High Degree Employees Of The New Generation
15. The Empirical Study On The Customer Injustice And Employees’ Emotional Labor
16. The Stdudy Of Mechanism Of Human Resource Practice On Small Team Citizenship Behaviors
17. An Empirical Study On Influences Of Challenge Stressor-hindrance Stressor On Employee Engagement
18. Effect Of Leadership Style On Employee’s Organizational Commitment
19. Research On The Relationships Among Salary Justice, Perceived Organizational Support And Turnover Intention Of Knowledge Workers In High-Tech Enterprises
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