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1. Research On Generalized Asymmetricrisk Measure Of Financial Asset And Its Application
2. Researches On Correlations Between Hong Kong Real Estate Market And Related Markets
3. Studies On Portfolio Selection Problems With Different Risk Measuresand Trading Constraints
4. Applicability Of Active Investment Management Theory And Strategy
5. The Influencing Mechanism Of Corporate Venture Capital On Technological Innovation And Value Creation
6. Comparative Analysis Of CDO Pricing Models
7. Research On The Project Portfolio Allocation Under The Organizational Strategy Guide
8. Study Of Portfolio Insurance Strategies Under Market Frictions
9. Research On Methods For Screening And Portfolio Optimization Of New Product Development Projects
10. Households’ Fixed Assets Choice And Its Effect On Consumption In China
11. Evaluating The Portfolio Efficiency And Its Application
12. Multiattribute Project Portfolio Selection Problems Based On SMAA
13. Research On Credit Structure And Credit Risk Under Industrial Structural Adjustment
14. Safety First Portfolio Selection Based On Statistical Learning Theory
15. Investigation Of Continuous-time Portfolio Selection Under Mean-variance Criterion
16. Study On The Relationship Between Financial Literacy And Household Wealth
17. The Research On The Relationship Among The BRICS Stock Markets
18. International Capital Flows And Their Impact On Financial Stability
19. Household Portfolio Of Suburban Land-lost Farmers
20. Kelly Dynamic Portfolio Optimization With Risk Constraints
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