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1. Theoretical Study On Price-level Regulation For New Drug
2. Theoretical And Empirical Analysis Of Medical Care Price Regulation In China
3. A Study On The Excess Money In China
4. Research On The Import Effect Of Agricultural Products Resulting From RMB Appreciation
5. How The Crude Oil Price Change Affect Chinese Economy?
6. The Employment Effects Of The Changes In Rmb Exchange Rate
7. Model Of The Monetary Measure Of Economic Growth And Economic Fluctuations
8. An Empirical Study On The Effects Of Real Effective Exchange Rate On China's Major Macroeconomic Vairables
9. An Empirical Analysis Of The Expectation Effect On Some Chinese Macroeconomic Variables
10. Analysis Of The Affecting Factors Of The Real Estate Price
11. The Fiscal Theory Of The Price Level And Empirical Study
12. Empirical Analysis Of Impact Of Exchange Rate Fluctuation On Price
13. Analysis Of Impact Of RMB Exchange Rate Change On Price Level
14. Study On The Price Of Different Conformation Of Natural Gas
15. Empirical Study On The Effect Of Exchange Rate Fluctuations On The Domestic Price Level
16. Impact Of Exchange Rate's Changes On Domestic Price Level
17. Capital Account Liberalization And Macroecnomic Effects Of Capital Flows In China
18. The Research On Relationship Between Money Supply And Macro-economy
19. Research On The Marketing Policies Of 'Dongfanghong' Middle-Price-Level Brand Based On Consumer's Mentality
20. Analyze And Forecast Of Long-term Equilibrium Exchange Rate Of RMB
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