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1. RMB Exchange Rate Pass-through And The Choice Of Chinese Monetary Policy
2. The Research Of Impact Of RMB Exchange Rate Changes On China Trade Price And Inflation
3. An Analyse On The Impact Of RMB’s Exchange Rate Volatility On China’s Import And Export Trade
4. A Study On The Path Arrangements Of Capital Account Opening-up And RMB Exchange Rate Marketization In China
5. Investigation Of The Pass-through Effect Of RMB Exchange Rate Fluctuation On China’s International Trade
6. A Research On Sino-US Trade Imbalance From The Perspective Of RMB Exchange Rate Expectation
7. RMB Exchange Rate Appreciation And Trade Balance Adjustment
8. Research On The Pass-through Effect Of Movements In The RMB Exchange Rate On Consumer Prices And Its Correlation With Monetary Policy
9. A Study On The Effect Of RMB Exchange Rate On The Export Of China
10. Study On The Trend And Fluctuation Of Rmb Exchange Rate Under The Managed Floating Exchange Rate Regime
11. Study On The Central Bank Intervention In Foreign Exchange Markets
12. China's Foreign Trade Strategy Vs. RMB Exchange-rate Regime
13. The Research For RMB Exchange Rate And Exchange Rate Regime In The Course Of Economic Globalization
14. China's Foreign Trade Structure And The Upgrading Of The RMB Exchange Rate Changes
15. The Political Analysis Of RMB Exchange Rate Regime Evolvement
16. RMB Exchange Rate, International Trade And Economic Growth In China: Theoretical And Empirical Research
17. A Treatise On China's Unbeneficial Balance Of Payments And The Adjustment Of RMB Exchange Rate
18. Exchange Rate Alteration, Trade Unbalance And Policy Choice: Empirical From China
19. Studies On Trade Effects Of The RMB Exchange Rate's Adjustment
20. Analysis Of RMB Exchange Rate Mechanism Reform Effects On Chinese Economy
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