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Keyword [Regional disparity]
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1. Research On Households' Economic Behavior And Rural Anti-poverty In China's Central And Western Regions
2. Study Of China Regional Policies' Impact Upon Regional Disparities
3. Sub "Core Periphery" Pattern: Regional Perspective On European Integration
4. The Relation Between Infrasturcture And The Economic Development In Jiangsu Province
5. The Effect Of Inter-regional Migration To Economic Growth And Regional Disparity
6. Ownership Structure And Performance
7. Impacts Of Human Capital On Economic Growth And Regional Disparity
8. An Empirical Study On Convergence And The Regional Disparities In China
9. A Study On Technology Import And Secondary Innovation Of Large Or Medium-Size Enterprises
10. A Research On Evolvement And Causes Of The Regional Disparity In Labor Productivity Of China's Manufacturing
11. A Regional Disparity Study In Perspective Of Spatial Economic Theory
12. The Impact Of Labor Reallocation Effect On China's Economic Growth And Regional Disparity
13. Research On Influential Factors Of Public Power Rent-seeking In China
14. A Study Of The Relation Between Human Capital And Regional Disparity Trend In China
15. A Study On Evaluation And Countermeasurement Of Utilization Quality Of Foreign Capital In Guangdong
16. Convergence Of Regional Financial Development: Theory And Empirical Analysis
17. Analysis On The Regional Differences Of The Industry Agglomeration In China
18. Research On Technical Efficiency,Technical Progress And Regional Disparity Of China's Logistics Industry
19. The Policy Research Of Regional Economic Coordinated Development In China
20. Economic Agglomeration, Spatial Externalities And Regional Disparities
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