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1. Research On The Interactive Effects Of China’s Stock Index Futures And Stock Markets And It’s Cross-market Regulatory
2. Empirical Research On China’s Stock Index Futures Market Efficiency
3. Issue On Stock Index Futures’s Pricing、Function And Risk Regulation
4. Empirical Research On The Relationship Between Stock Index Futures Market And Stock Market
5. The Empirical Research On Chinese Stock Index Futures Market Functions
6. Sentiment-based Stock Index Futures Pricing
7. Research On The Market Function Diffrence Of Stock Index Futures Based On A Shares In The Domestic And Oversea
8. Quantitative Investment: Pricing Model And Investment Strategy Of Some Financial Derivatives
9. A Study On Price Forming Mechanism Of Stock Index Futures
10. The Research On The Financial Derivatives And The Practice Of Future Market In China
11. Research On The Setting Of Cash Settlement Price Based On Trading Behavior In Stock Index Futures
12. A Study About Risk Measure And Supervision Of Stock Index Futures
13. Research On The Investment Issue Of Stock Index Futures
14. Research On Key Technology And System Problems Of Launching Domestic Stock Index Futures
15. Legal Research On The Supervision And Management Of Financial Futures Market
16. Research On The Prcing Efficiency And Price Discovery Of Index Future In Emerging Markets
17. Research On The Arbitrage And Hedge Of The Stock Index Futures
18. Theories And Applications Of Stock Index Futures Hedging Strategies
19. Research On Hedging Of Stock Index Futures In Investment Portfolio Management
20. Research On Monitoring Of Stock Index Futures Manipulation
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